Start Here

I am so glad to hear you are considering partnering with me. Here is what you can expect at our first meeting.

The consultation will take up to an hour at an agreed upon location.

We will cover the following:

1| Questionnaire

The questionnaire consists of a series of questions that will provide more information about your business.

2| Small Business Checklist

We will then review the small business checklist and determine your next steps.

3| Accounting Practices

We will discuss what your current accounting process for your business.

If accounting processes are not established, I will make recommendations on where to begin.

4| Tax Treatments

We will discuss what tax treatments were selected for you business.

If no tax treatments have been made we will discuss the following:

  • Self employment tax
  • Quarterly tax payments
  • Home office election
  • Mileage tracking

5| Your Concerns

Your concerns are my number one priority. I want to make sure I answer any questions, struggles, concerns you may have.

6| My Services

We will discuss my programs and which option I believe will be the most beneficial to you.

  • Monthly Accounting Consulting
  • Monthly Accounting Services
  • Hybrid Option
  • Pricing

7| Start Date

Lastly, we will schedule our start day!

After you sign up for my services I will grant you access to my client site.