– Stephanie Ramirez –

Stephanie Ramirez grew up in Florida and worked from an electric company full time as a financial analyst while attending college as a full time student, she obtained an Associate’s degree in Business Administration. She then moved to Oklahoma and attended Oral Roberts University to pursue an Bachelor of Science in Accounting. As an  ORU student she had the privilege to work for a local church as a bookkeeper. During her time working for the church she was able to apply her skills she learned early on in her career. She created systems and financial reports that are still used today (8 years later).

After she graduated from Oral Roberts University she worked for a Fortune 500 energy company as an accountant and an auditor and has  10+ years accounting experience. She is married to a wonderful man, Jorge Ramirez and has two beautiful daughter.

Financial Design Co | Stephanie Ramirez, LLC is a non CPA firm that has a passion to help small business owners and ministries realize their potential and would love to work with you.

Servolution – May 2017 – Lima, Peru
We proudly support the mission of serving the people of Peru and have partnered with amazing missionaries to continue to spread the gospel. The above photo was taken while on my first mission trip to Peru.