This past May (2017) I had an amazing opportunity to go on my first mission trip. A team of 18 of us went to Lima Peru for a week and it was an incredible life changing experience.

My husband and I have given financially to mission for years now. We have a heart for the children in Haiti and have given to building water wells there so that children can have clean water to drink.

But now that I have first hand seen the need in Peru and met the missionaries that have given up all the comforts of this first world to serve and help the people of Lima I feel an obligation to help them. Missionary’s from the USA on a missionary visa in Peru cannot obtain employment their only source of income is people’s giving.


I came back from Peru with a sense of urgency. I knew that I needed to grow my accounting business, not so I can make more money and spend it on myself but so I can give to what God has put in my heart. Give to the missionaries in Peru. I only got a glimpse of what they do day in and day out and it’s not easy.

img_8903.jpg Our team partnered up with a local church in Peru who has a ministry and we were able to build two wheelchair and deliver them. One was delivered to a “home” in this “neighborhood”.

I got to serve the people of Lima and it changed my life forever. If you would like to give to a missionary in Peru contact me today and I can pass along the information of the amazing people I know.


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